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We cannot change the nature of the Addict or Addiction... We can help to change the old lie Once an addict, always an addict by striving to make recovery more available.

God help us to remember the difference. © N A Basic Text

Our Purpose

The purpose of an H and I meeting is to carry the NA message of recovery to addicts who do not have access to regular NA meetings. This message is “TO ASSURE THAT NO ADDICT IN A HOSPITAL OR INSTITUTION SEEKING RECOVERY NEED DIE WITHOUT HAVING HAD A CHANCE TO FIND A BETTER WAY OF LIFE. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD MAY WE PROVIDE THE NECESSARY SERVICES.” This concept should always be our primary concern. This will insure that when an addict who is housed in a correctional facility, hospital, or recovery house reaches out for recovery, Narcotics Anonymous will be there. We do this through strict adherence to our Twelve Traditions.

Area H & I

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The area H&I subcommitee plays a central role in the overall H&I service effort. It initiates, coordinates, and conducts all local NA hospitals and institutions meetings and activities within a certain area. This subcommittee is the hub of H&I planning and organization.

About Us

The area H&I committee is a subcommittee of the area service committee (ASC.) It meets regularly, and its chair reports to and is accountable in all matters to the ASC. The subcommittee is composed of an H&I chairperson, H&I vice chairperson, H&I secretary, and other elected officers, as well as any other members of the fellowship who wish to be involved.

Who is Best Suited to Carry The Message in an H and I Setting?